About Andy

My name is Andy, freelance Unity and C# Developer. I am developing games and applications with Unity since five years now and it is the best job I could imagine. I was a passionate gamer and developing my own games was a blessing. With Berlin as my home, I was born in the right city for the next step: Developing a business and career after and during the end of my university!                With passion for game developement there also comes exp-erience in other areas like Game Art and Design. I am not only able to offer my professional developing skills but also graphical experience for smaller assets to be used with Unity.

Amongst other things, I can offer you the following services.

  • Unity 3D and 2D development
  • Professional C# .NET knowledge
  • Advanced Photoshop skills
  • Developement for VR, AR and MR applications
  • Highly adaptable to existing projects and code structures
  • Releasing mobile apps to Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store
  • Fast & efficient work and implementation of SDK’s and API’s
  • Very good and detailed documentation and communication of my work
  • User Interface design
  • Unity Editor Scripting
  • Networking with HTTP and WebSockets
  • Surface-, Fragment-, Vertex-, and Computeshaders
  • Procedural Content Generation (Meshes, Worlds, Levels,….)
  • Working with Unity’s different renderpipelines